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Meaning of parondontitis  

Periodontitis (or colloquially periodontosis) is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium. Bacteria trigger the body's defence reactions through their metabolic and decay products, which lead to increasing bone loss and ultimately to the loosening of teeth.

Since these pathological processes are often painless, many periodontal diseases remain untreated. In addition to an aesthetic impairment, the loss of the tooth must be expected if measures are not taken in time. In most cases, periodontal disease affects several teeth. Bleeding gums, bad breath, discoloured plaque or changes in the position of the teeth can be the first signs and should always be checked by a dentist.

Periodontitis is even a widespread disease, affecting about 80% of the population. With increasing age, both the probability of contracting the disease and the percentage of severe forms of the disease increase. Young adults are less frequently affected. However, the course of the disease and its consequences are much more aggressive in this group.