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Why Dental Implants?  

A safe and sustainable solution

Implants are a tried and tested treatment and are suitable for almost every patient, as soon as he or she has stopped growing. Implants become fixed in the jawbone quickly and take on the task of the natural root of the tooth. This prevents the disintegration of the bone material. Implants conserve the dental substance, as no healthy neighbouring teeth are damaged. Thanks to modern methods, the treatment time can be reduced. It is possible to insert a fixed denture, which feels like real teeth and which sits firmly.

Implants make sense!

  • They can replace single teeth

  • They can replace several teeth

  • They can replace all teeth in a toothless jaw

  • They can improve the fit of a removable denture

Advantages for you at a glance

  • Preservation of the jaw bone.
    Dental implants take on the task of the natural root and prevent depletion of the jaw bone
  • Protection of the dental substance.
    When fixing the implants, no neighbouring teeth are damaged
  • Comfortable fit.
    The implants grow firmly into the bone and feel like real teeth
  • Strong teeth – healthy diet.
    Wearers of implants are not troubled by a badly-fitting painful denture. They can eat everything and can enjoy a healthy diet
  • Incomparable look.
    Implants are not visible as the connecting elements lie under the gum
  • Long life.
    With good care, implanted teeth and dentures last longer than traditional prosthetics, such a bridges and dentures