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Ceramic implants  

In dental practice in Mönchengladbach we use implants made of zirconium ceramics. These grow completely into the jawbone within a few weeks after the operation. In collaboration with the Laboratory for Medical Diagnosis in Berlin, we can carry out a test for Titanium intolerance, using a specially developed Titanium stimulation test. In this way we can gather hard data so we can advise our patients with regard to the choice of implant material.

Advantages of Zirconium implants

  • the white colour facilitates a highly aesthetic result
  • no intolerance as the implant is metal-free
  • non-allergenic

Zirconium implants do not allow for immediate use after implantation, so this means that only single crowns or small bridges (1-2 intermediate links) are possible. A zirconium implant is inserted in the same way as a titanium implant.

Ceramic implants provide the requirements for a completely metal-free, implant-supported denture.