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  Missing single tooth  

1. Initial situation:

We carry out an initial examination and take the necessary X-rays of the jaw for the exact planning of the operation.

2. Inserting the implant:

After inserting the implant and if the bone substance is strong, a provisional tooth can be fixed in place. Following this, the implant must grow into the bone over several months until the next step can be carried out.


3. Fixing the crown:

After the phase where the implant grows firmly into the bone, the permanent crown can be fixed in place. By taking part in our implant prophylaxis, we can achieve the best requirements for lifelong durability.

Fixed Denture in a toothless jaw – All-on-4  

1. Initial situation:


2. Insertion of the implants:

In the first step, the implants are inserted into the jaw. In such a case, four implants are used. The time-gap until the permanent denture can be inserted is bridged by fixing a provisional denture, which can be used in the normal way.

3. Insertion of final denture:

The final denture is anchored to the implants. It will be difficult for you and others to differentiate between your new teeth and your natural teeth. Patients who wore a conventional denture before receiving the fixed denture are often overwhelmed.


  Dental bridges on Implants  

  Alternative solution : Miniimplants  

  • the spherical head of the implant fixes the denture
  • the denture can always be removed
  • gentle method
  • less expensive alternative