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Why use 3D?

3D Implant Planning  

Precise planning is the basis for a successful implantation. Modern 3-dimensional planning methods ensure an effective implantation, because the exact position, length and angle of the implants can be determined before the operation in an accurate and individual way.

It is therefore possible to ascertain the ideal implant position with this method, taking the individual anatomical requirements into account. Implantations can then be carried out gently and without the need for a scalpel or for a lengthy operation.

How does it work?

1. Anamnesis (Past medical history)

In the first step we take a look at your medical history. We will discuss your general health with you, and any acute or previous illnesses and their treatments.

2. 3D X-ray Diagnosis

Through the use of DVT (Digital Volume Tomography) we can ascertain the quality of your jawbone and get a general idea of the current status of your mouth. Using the digital images, we can plan the best position for the implants and can produce a drilling template for the operation. This makes sure that the implants can be inserted in the correct position during the operation.

3. 3D Planning

With the help of the template, the previously determined positions for the implants are transferred to the corresponding places in the mouth. This template-supported implantation method shortens the operation and is therefore less stressful for the patient. The gum remains untouched to a greater extent, as a large opening is no longer necessary. This leads the way to a faster healing process.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Confidence in the operation through the exact ability to plan with the given anatomical structures
  • Minimized operation times
  • Precise ideal positioning of the implants
  • Optimal use of the given bone structure
  • Gentle operation method