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Dental implants in Mönchengladbach  

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are permanently anchored in the jawbone and are able to support individual teeth as well as entire teeth. They usually resemble the shape of a screw or that of a cylinder.

Modern technology

It is now possible to treat tooth loss through the insertion of implants. This enables you to have fully functional and aesthetically excellent dentures.

The areas of application for implants range from replacing individual teeth to fixed dentures for an edentulous jaw.

Dental implants offer a firm hold, perfect function and safety. They prevent the jawbone from breaking down and are durable. When using mini implants, bone formation is often avoided. Healthy neighboring teeth do not have to be damaged in order to fix implants. Implants grow firmly into the jaw and feel like your own teeth.

Thanks to new, innovative surgical procedures, we guarantee gentle treatment and integration of the implants - for safe and sustainable treatment.

What material are dental implants made of?

Today, dental implants are usually made of pure titanium. Titanium has particularly advantageous properties for the human body, as it can withstand high mechanical loads, does not cause any rejection reactions and is generally allergy-free.

The titanium implant forms a direct connection with the bone, which is why it is also used in holistic human medicine for hip joints, nails, screws and plates. We recommend ceramic implants for completely metal-free dentures in patients with titanium intolerance.