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Aesthetics meets Stability

Solid Ceramics  

Our crowns

We have managed to combine the high stability of the traditional metal ceramic crown with the beauty of the solid ceramic crown in the Procera, or Zirkonium crown. It can be used therefore for side cutter teeth and bridges. This crown consists of a skeleton of extremely strong Zirkonium ceramic, which is then encased in tooth-coloured ceramic. The result is an excellent aesthetic appearance.

Owing to the industrial, computer-controlled manufacturing technology, the fit of this type of crown is very precise. You can take advantage of the perfect blend of stability and beauty.

These methods offer you the following advantages:

  • Outstanding strength, meaning they are also appropriate for large molars
  • Excellent outward appearance, i.e. no visible metal edging
  • Biocompatible material, i.e. non allergenic

Our Inlays

With a Goldinlay, the substance of the tooth, which has been lost through tooth decay, is replaced by gold, which is inserted into the tooth as an inlay. The advantages of this method lie in the unbeatable lifetime of this material, which has been known for a long time.

With a ceramic inlay, the substance of the tooth is replaced by ceramic material, which is glued to the tooth in a complicated process. The advantages of the metal-free, invisible inlay lie in the excellent aesthetic appearance and its long life.