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Bleaching of Discoloured Teeth  

The bleaching of teeth is a simple, safe method of removing visible discolouration from your teeth and of whitening them. Even stains which are caused by heavy smoking, tea and red wine, or through taking medication, can be removed by bleaching.

We use two different methods of professional teeth whitening of discoloured teeth

1. " Home Bleaching"

In this case a plastic mould is made, which fits your teeth exactly. This mould is filled with medication for whitening the teeth and must be worn at night or for several hours during the day. After approximately 3-6 days your teeth will be considerable whiter

2. " Office - Bleaching"

In this case your teeth are treated in our practice with a highly effective bleaching gel. This treatment takes approximately one hour and whitens your teeth immediately.

Advantages of this Bleaching method

  • Careful tooth whitening protects against damage to teeth

  • Immediately visible improvement in the colour of the teeth

  • Modern bleaching method – Office bleaching effective through light activation

  • Quick-acting Office bleaching, tooth whitening in one hour