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Definition of Zygoma implants

With the Zygoma implants we use, we create the prerequisites for the supply of a fixed implant-supported denture of an entire jaw in cases where there is an extremely strong bone breakdown of the upper jaw.

A lengthy bone build-up or bone transplants, e.g. from the hip, are therefore unnecessary. Zygoma implants take their name from the os zygomaticum, the cheekbone. They are particularly long special implants that are placed in the upper jaw and anchored in the cheekbone.

Due to the special and dense bone structure in the cheekbone, these implants offer very good conditions for the firm hold of your implant-supported supply. Like our “normal” implants, Zygoma implants consist of the body-compatible titanium. Implant manufacturer is one of the market and quality leaders in dental implants.

A prerequisite for use is a prior, careful diagnosis with digital volume tomography, among other things. Our practice has the possibility to create three dimensional DVTs.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia as well as under general anaesthesia. The surgical technique requires experience in implantology and is carried out only by specially trained centers in Germany.

As a patient, you will benefit from our extensive experience with Allon4 expert, our competence practice in Mönchengladbach and (unique in Germany) the collaboration with Prof. Paulo Malo, the developer of the All-on-4 method and his team. We can discuss particularly demanding treatment cases directly online with his team and the specialists for Zygoma implants and plan the best possible treatment for you.