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Our All-on-4 service  

The all-on-4 treatment is scientifically sound. Recent studies show a success rate of 98. 1 to 99. 2% (5 – 10 years). For this reason, we offer comprehensive guarantees, about which we will be happy to inform you personally.

Guaranteed to be well cared for.

All-on-4 according to the MALO protocol  

We provide a two-year warranty on the immediate supply and a four-year warranty on the implants, the plastic bridge, as well as the ceramic bridge.

The all-on-4 concept according to the MALO protocol includes the removal of all remaining teeth of a jaw, implantation with usually four implants and immediate treatment with fixed implant-supported dentures.

The immediate supply, which is used the same day or the next day, is made of plastic. This bridge may break to avoid excessive tension on the implants during the healing phase. The occurrence of such fractures is usually a sign of strong forces that are developed during chewing, biting or grinding of teeth.

To minimise these damaging forces and reduce the risk of fracture, no teeth should be located behind the rear implants. The number of teeth on the immediate supply is therefore determined by the position of the implants. The position of the implants is clinically determined by the available bone volume. Usually, the immediate supply consists of ten teeth.

After a healing period of at least six months, additional posterior teeth can usually be added when a bridge (plastic or ceramic) is inserted.

The all-on-4 treatment according to the Malo protocol achieves a success rate of about 98%.

The long-term success of your all-on-4 treatment depends essentially on the oral hygiene you perform at home and the preventive measures we take. It is of the utmost importance that you follow the recommendations of your doctor and dental assistant and that you meet the appointments for prophylaxis and for the follow-up examinations as announced.
All-on-4 Prophylaxis

Regular prophylaxis is a prerequisite for our above-mentioned guarantees and also ensures a long-term high wearing comfort.
Preventive treatment includes:

  •     Screwing the fixed denture for professional cleaning of the implants and dentures
  •     Gum pocket measurement on the implants
  •     Testing for the presence of inflammation of the oral mucosa or implants
  •     Gentle and careful removal of dental plaque and bacteria from implants and dentures
  •     Screwing the fixed denture

Further information: Implant prophylaxis