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Stages of treatment  

Consultation and assessment of the initial situation by means of DVT

You will receive detailed advice at the beginning of each all-on-4 treatment. Your personal requirements as well as individual wishes and needs are taken into account in an in-depth diagnosis.

Discussion of the cure and cost plan

A very precise treatment plan tailored to your individual needs promises optimal results. You enjoy a top all-on-4 treatment and maximum cost security.

Reconnaissance before the operating room

The individual procedures of the All-on-4 procedure will be explained step by step in an informative discussion. Here we also determine whether you want to be treated in twilight sleep or under general anaesthesia. Our anaesthesiologist will advise you in detail and will be happy to answer your questions.

The day of surgery

After a friendly welcome from our team, we will prepare you for the implantation of your new fixed teeth in one day. The procedure is performed as desired in twilight sleep or under general anaesthesia. Just a few hours after the procedure, you can leave the practice in company and try out your new fixed teeth.

Creation of the operating theatre template and provisional template

For maximum safety and a short surgical duration, a corresponding template is produced. This guarantees the millimetre-precise insertion of your implants. The temporary allows you to resume your normal eating habits shortly after the All-on-4 procedure.

The first days after

Get used to the new quality of life and test your new firm teeth. Occasional bruises and swelling caused by the procedure subside after three to six days.

Seam removal and control

After about a week, the stitches are removed and the healing of the new teeth is checked. You will also receive valuable tips on how to clean your new fixed teeth most effectively.

Checking and molding of the final denture

After the healing of the implants, the imaging for permanent fixed dentures is carried out after consultation with you. Based on the collected values, your permanent denture is produced. Together we coordinate the next steps to keep your downtime particularly short.

Fitting and finishing on the final denture

About ten days later, your new fixed teeth are ready for the first fitting. Based on your feedback and medical parameters, your new teeth will be adjusted one last time.

Inserting the final denture

After another ten days, the optimization of your new fixed teeth is complete. These are now being used and promise a particularly high quality of life. Due to our particularly high aesthetic standards, hardly anyone will notice the difference to real teeth.

Regular checks

About two to three times a year you should visit our prophylaxis team for a follow-up check-up. Your implants and the fixed dentures are then professionally cleaned to ensure a particularly long service life of the materials.

Requirements for all-on-four treatment:

    They have no or non-maintenanceable residual teeth
    The area of the front teeth provides enough bone to firmly anchor the implants.
    Extensive consultation with the patient to rule out possible risks

For more information about the phases of an all-on-4 treatment:

You are cordially invited to one of our regular information events in Mönchengladbach, where our all-on-4 expert will answer all your questions.