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Step 1: Adjustment of the implantation template

Thanks to the custom-made surgical template by means of a 3D data set, the implants can be gently implanted exactly in the optimal place.

Step 2: Inserting the implants

The implants are precisely screwed into the jaw bone by means of the implant template.
The inclination of the rear implants ensures better anchoring in the bone. As a result, the prosthesis is already resilient after leaving the practice.

3rd step: screwing the temporary beams

The provisional straps can be individually adjusted to the gums to optimize the wearing comfort of the prosthesis.
They are screwed to the implants immediately after the implant is placed.

4th step: Fixing the provisional

Immediately after placing the implants, the provisional is screwed on to the provisional supports and can be fully loaded after the procedure, just like your previous teeth.

After the All-on-4 treatment:

After three to four months, the final denture is inserted, which is adapted to the healed situation. Regular oral hygiene is essential for you to enjoy your all-on-4 dental prosthesis throughout your life. Two to three times a year you come to our dental practice in Mönchengladbach for dental cleaning and implant prophylaxis. In addition, we recommend an X-ray every one to two years to check your implant-supported denture.
For more information on how to proceed with an all-on-4 treatment:

Specialist for dental implants in Mönchengladbach, and his team will be pleased to welcome you personally to our information events and answer your individual questions about All-on-4.

If you would like to know more in advance, we invite you to browse our website and browse our FAQ section.