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Fast treatment – long-term security

The all-on-4 method - the all-on-4 concept  

The innovative All-on-4 concept is a gentle, long-term solution for a better quality of life. The All-on-4 method enables patients with no or few remaining teeth worthy of preservation to go without the protracted process of bone regeneration. Straight after the operation your new teeth are ready for use.

Perfect teeth in just a few hours with All-on-4

Thanks to a very short healing phase of the implants, we can achieve a reduced treatment period and an efficient treatment process. Angled implants in the area of the posterior teeth give the prosthodontics a safe and firm setting. You will profit from long-term security and perfect teeth – your whole life!

You will also receive from us, in addition, a complete service package and a long-term guarantee on your dental prostheses.

The All-on-4 concept includes:

  • Removal (extraction) of all teeth no longer worthy of preservation
  • Implantation
  • Immediate care treatment with firm interim dental prostheses
  • Conclusion of the treatment within 24 hours

Requirements for this technology:

  • Teeth no longer worthy of preservation or no remaining teeth in one jawbone
  • Sufficient bone material, which will be examined by the digital volume tomography (DVT) in advance
  • Detailed consultation with the patient, in order to exclude any possible risks

Gentle treatment for beautiful teeth:

The All-on-4 concept promises fast treatment and a perfect fit. It is possible to implant a provisional, well-fitting bridge in the upper or lower jaw with only four implants (more are possible if the patient’s bone density allows), satisfying the patients’ high aesthetic demands. Thanks to computer-aided three-dimensional planning, the optimal position for the implants in the jaw can be determined – the basis for a gentle form of treatment. 

Why this prosthesis is supported by implants:

A prosthesis supported solely by tooth implants contributes not only to bone preservation, but also offers sustainable comfort and safety. The All-on-4 concept makes painless treatment possible according to the latest state-of-the-art technology, increases your quality of life and means being able to chew again!

The method / the composition of an All-on-4 denture in a 3D video

  • Insertion of the implants in the jaw
  • Fixing of the abutments on to the implants
  • Setting of the implant-supported denture