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Welcome to DRQ in Moenchengladbach

Our aim is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and, where necessary, to help you achieve an optimal lifestyle with fixed implants. We achieve this through:

  • 25 years of implantological experience guarantee you an optimal treatment result.
  • Permanent advanced training of all team members offers you scientifically founded therapies and thus security.
  • The innovative All-on-4 method shortens the duration of a complete restoration of an entire jaw, with fixed, implant-supported dentures in one day - without lengthy bone augmentation and at lower costs.
  • As a competence practice for "fixed teeth in one day", we use innovative and pioneering products and techniques.
  • We carry out the treatments of difficult cases in our practice together with Prof. Paulo Maló, the developer of the All-on-4 method and his team. This makes it possible to provide fixed dentures even in the case of extreme bone resorption.
  • Thanks to our decades of experience since 1987, you will receive help even in difficult situations. We also provide you with fixed, implant-supported dental prostheses under conditions where a restoration with conventional implants would not be possible or would only be possible with extensive bone augmentation.
  • After we have determined the goal of the treatment together with you, you will receive a transparent and understandable treatment plan.

On these pages you will find information about the main activities of implantology, periodontology, dental aesthetics and prophylaxis.